Wednesday, December 28, 2016

First Christmas without mom

We had our first Christmas without mom. It feels weird typing that. We lost her to brain cancer in February. We knew this Christmas would be different, and it was. Dad came down Christmas Eve and spent the night and Christmas Day with my brother and his family, then Boxing Day they all came over to our place as Christmas in Lindsay was not an option this year. It'd be too many memories. 

The day was still fun and the family was great hanging out together, they saw our crazy dog Grace and had a great meal prepared by my lovely wife and myself, and my sister-in-law brought sweet potato with the marshmallows on it and pumpkin pie! It was a little quieter for sure without mom's infectious laugh. We all dearly missed it for sure. The new little girl we're expecting in March gave enough kicks for the family to experience for sure! That's the thing, God gives grace that life goes on in spite of loss. He gives that peace. Mom got to celebrate her first Christmas in heaven WITH Jesus! How cool is that! THAT is the hope we have as believers in Jesus Christ! So while we missed her being there this year, we look forward to seeing her again, we hold to each other as family and with the grace of God press on. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all!