Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas specials - when is too soon?

Okay, since the beginning of November I have seen specials for Christmas on TV (thank you Women's network especially), and have heard of some radio stations being all Christmas music all the time already. The day after Halloween houses went from Halloween decorations to Christmas and started lighting them up at night - the next day!

So my question is - when is it too soon? What about Remembrance Day first? I asked a military neighbour about if it offends them as military personnel if Christmas decorations went up before Remembrance Day and he said no, the urban legend of houses being targeted by military people upset with houses decorated is a myth. Still, for me it seems too soon to decorate. Usually the end of the month of November is time to decorate. 

Does it matter though? Not really. When is there NOT a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord? If it's Santa though, then yeah, wait until the end of November! 

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