Friday, August 05, 2016

School is back in less than a month... so what did we learn this summer?

So yes, past the half way point of summer, looking forward towards school again for the kids. What did we learn this summer? For me? I love summer and can't stand winter... but also that there is time needed for refreshing, after all Jesus Himself needed to take time away and get refreshed and did so often, so why are we so different that we don't think we can afford to take any time off work or school?

I've hear pastors like Chuck Swindoll say that legalism does a number on us in making us think that enjoying time off is something we should feel guilty about. Ever had that? I have before. The need to be doing something because after all, we don't want to waste time right? Yet time is needed to get refreshed and ready for the next season of life - whatever it is. 

So if you're on vacation and starting to feel guilty for enjoying it? Don't. Rebuke the devil and his fallen angels and enjoy it in Jesus' name!