Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day, our anniversary, Graduation day for our boy, and summer...

Wow, since the last post I did a lot has happened. Father's Day came and so did our wedding anniversary - on the same day! 


This week our oldest graduates Grade 8...

Lots of events, then summer... a little time to catch up and maybe rest some. Youth is over for the summer, things are a little quieter. School ends Wednesday, life just goes on. In less than a month now, mom will have been gone for 6 months, that is - 6 months of her being with our Lord. I miss her. Always will until I see her again when either Jesus returns or it's my time to go and see her. The writer for Ecclesiastes 3 was right when he said there is a time for every everything, for every activity under the sun.

I haven't written as much this year as a result of personal events like mom passing, then my uncle (mom's brother) this spring. It's been tough to celebrate. yet we have had time to celebrate too with birthdays, our anniversary and now looking forward to our oldest graduating Grade 8.

I'm looking forward to summer - whatever it brings. The warm weather and sun have helped lift things. God has been my strength and my source, my rock and my salvation (of course). Without Him, I could do nothing. 

Have a great summer and we'll see you around!